Attaches to the easyrig cinema 3 so that accessories can be mounted to the back of the operator.
ER plate 3/4ER plate backER plate front

ER Plate


The ER plate is the base element of an expandable system designed to increase the functionality of the existing Easyrig vests. The ER system gives Operators and Assistants the option of mounting camera bodies (ALEXA M), batteries, and accessories on the vest to maintain only the necessary mass on the arm. Twin rows of 3/8″ slots are provided for direct-mounting of dovetail plates or QR bases and are surrounded by a network of 1/4″20p and A3/8″ taps.

Machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum and hard-anodized black, the ER plate ships with the necessary M6 mounting hardware to allow for use of the native arm straps.


Made in Burbank, CA

Additional Information

Weight 2.9
Dimensions 14.25 x 8 x .5 in