Camera accessories & custom fabrication for the film industry.

Located in Burbank, California, Corvid LLC provides custom manufacturing and machining services specific to the film industry. As one of our founders is a practicing AC, we are well versed in the needs and vocabulary of those in camera departments in Los Angeles and throughout the world. If you need a custom part, or assistance in brining your own design to prototype or even limited production, look no further.

Through the use of in house facilties that include up to 4 axis CNC milling, 3d CNC routing, as well as general wood and metal working tools that include TIG and MIG welding we can turn almost any rough idea into a finished, production ready, part.

Corvid LLC also has a number of machining contacts that assist us in custom work that includes CNC turning and custom fastener manufacturing.

We also, offer a range of innovative camera accessories such as the Bunny Box, and custom cheese plates, that are designed to assist the modern camera person in the use of new modular camera systems.

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